Jacksonville Contractors – Finding The Best

Jacksonville Contractors – Finding The Best

contractorsIf you are looking for Jacksonville contractors, you are probably planning on getting some work done in your home (or office), or considering getting a new house built.

What is a contractor?

The definition of the word “contractor” is a person who contracts to furnish supplies or perform work at a certain price or rate. So you can hire contractors for pretty much anything. There are a few different types of contractors, most importantly general contractors and sub-contractors. Sub-contractors specialize in work of a particular type, such as painting, fixing roofs, plumbing, and so on.

Are there any licensing requirements or qualifications for becoming a Jacksonville contractor?

The answer to this question varies, partly based on what work the contractor is doing for you. Some types of work and services require a state contractors’ license in Florida, while other types of works and services do not. Per the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, “if you pay someone to construct a building or a structure, make structural alterations to load bearing walls, or perform services such as plumbing or air conditioning work, that person has to have a state contractors’ license.”

In some cases, the city and or county may also impose additional requirements, such as a certificate of competency for the contractor, regardless of whether or not a state license is required. The Construction Trades Qualifying Board of the city of Jacksonville has some specific requirements about contractor’s licenses, some details of which can be seen here.

Do you need Jacksonville contractors, or should you do the work yourself?

Whether you need to hire a contractor or not is dependent on many factors. Some of these factors are outlined below:

  • What do you want to hire the contractor for? There are many different types of contractors, so you should figure out what kind of contractor you may be looking for. Is it a relatively small job, such as unclogging a drain? Is it a medium sized job, such as getting a new roof? Or is it a massive job like building a house? The smaller the job, the more likely it is that you may be able to do it yourself. However, as the work gets more specialized, trying to do the work yourself may not be possible, or, at the very least, may not be advisable. Some of the work may actually be potentially dangerous, such as replacing a water heater, or getting high up to replace a roof, or to paint a high ceiling. There may also be work that is so specialized that you simply don’t know how to do it.
    The issue of whether to just go for it yourself arises more when the task seems simple enough to be able to handle, like putting in a new tap in the kitchen sink. Maybe you could do it yourself, or maybe you should hire a contractor or Jacksonville handyman to do this. Or the question arises when you are building a house and are wondering whether to hire a general contractor. After all, the general contractor is “simply” going to supervise a bunch of sub-contractors, right? Maybe. But he may be able to add a lot more value in many different ways. Check this page out if you want to know how general contractors can help.
  • How good a handyman are you?
    If you are the type who can quickly get out your toolkit and fix things up, and if you have a lot of experience with the various things you need done, then it’s much less likely that you will get into a soup without a contractor. But let’s face it – not all of us are as skilled at being handymen as we would like to fancy. So take a long, good and honest look at how good you really are at this stuff (not how good you would like to be!), and take this into consideration before you make the decision about whether to hire a contractor.
  • What is your opportunity cost?
    The opportunity cost for doing the work yourself must also be considered when you make a decision of whether or not your should hire any contractors. If you are a doctor or a lawyer, and can make hundreds of dollars an hour, then taking on a task yourself when you could farm it out for a fraction of the price makes little sense. On the other hand, if you are currently unemployed, or make less per hour than you would pay a contractor, then it may make sense for you to do the work yourself.

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